Welcome to Kemna Tile

When you excel at what you do, there is no escaping being called “One of the best!”

We are very proud to be one of the best, and we stand behind it. The heart and soul of our success is our people. People who are considered experts in the industry. People who have the skills and talent to make it happen. People who care about your project. People who are proud to be the best.

Over the years, Kemna Tile has developed a very special reputation. You can walk into a tiled room, and you can sense whether that room seems more “together” or if it just feels ordinary. That difference comes from sensing quality, when tiles are laid out correctly and carefully aligned, and grout joints are sharp and uniform. It’s the feeling you get in a room with tiles installed by Kemna Tile. When you know that your project deserves to look that good, or when a project presents special challenges, you call on Kemna Tile for your installation.

In addition, we at Kemna Tile have an appreciation of natural stone and the high level of craftsmanship it requires. We are specialists in the fabrication of Marble, Granite, Soapstone, Slate and Limestone. The uses are virtually limitless: kitchens, bathrooms, offices, tables, countertops, desks, furniture, shelves, fireplaces, shop fronts, floors, walls, sills, entrances, signs, monuments, pedestals, even art pieces, and the list goes on.

The Secret is in the Details!

We spend the time and energy to plan and execute the small details that others don’t even think about.

We make sure it’s right, and that it fits right every time. Please visit our showcase gallery to see for yourself.

Industries We Serve:
  • Corporate Office and HQ

  • Retail and Recreation

  • Education / Churches / Government

  • Public Spaces / Specialty

  • Stone for Residential and Commercial






Once you have seen our work you will know why we are recognized within the natural stone and commercial tile industries as true professionals.